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Friend’s Marriage Almost Ended Without Them Realising Why?

Today I would like to talk about my best friend’s struggle with sexual dysfunction and how it impacted her life. While this is a fairly common concern among a lot of women (and men), most of us are extremely uncomfortable talking about it. Due to the taboo nature and ignorance regarding this subject, we are often unaware that we have a problem which generally causes additional problems.

My friend and I were always close but a couple of years ago I found her becoming a bit distant and worried. I tried talking to her a couple of times bet she always said everything was fine. One day she was very upset and finally told me that she didn’t enjoy sex and found it difficult to orgasm. She said that even though she was extremely attracted to her husband, she had no desire for sex. At first, she never even realised she had a problem and only figured something was wrong after she got married.

What was worrying her further was that not only did she have a low libido, she would often find it difficult to climax making the experience quite painful and uncomfortable. It became so uncomfortable that after a few times she confessed that she lost all interest in sex and didn’t want to be intimate with her husband.

This caused a strain in her married life as her husband thought she didn’t want to be with him. Her discomfort with what was happening affected her confidence and she didn’t communicate what was actually happening with him. This further added to the tension between them and affected their relationship negatively.

She also told me that she had started becoming irritable and moody and he would be upset that she wasn’t interested in him. It came to a point where they started fighting more and talking less. Yet she couldn’t explain to him what was wrong as she didn’t understand it myself. All she knew was that she didn’t want to be intimate and it wasn’t pleasurable for her.

I told her to calm down and that this was a common concern for most women. I spoke to her about sexual dysfunction and how several things can affect our desire and ability to be intimate. She was shocked as she wasn’t even aware that this was a form of sexual dysfunction. I told her that daily stress, anxiety and hormonal imbalance are often responsible and that this condition is easily treatable.

She was relieved to know that it wasn’t something unusual but said she didn’t want to take any medication as she was hesitant about the potential side effects and the fact that they may be habit forming. I told her not to worry as there are Ayurvedic female libido enhancers like Vivadona that targeted women’s health particularly and were completely safe. She was intrigued and decided to try it as it was natural and non habit forming and said that it was the best decision she ever made!

After a week or so she shared that her sexual libido improved but the memory of the pain still made her hesitant. I informed her that the herbs in the supplement also help a woman climax in time. Over the next few weeks, I started noticing positive changes in my best friend. She told me that was much happier and that she finally able to be intimate with her husband and enjoy it. Vivadona also helped relieve her stress and improve her overall energy levels. She was less moody and found herself more positive and happy.

I realised that as women, our hesitancy to communicate about something so common and natural can often impact our life negatively. That is why I decided to share her story today. We women often find it extremely difficult to talk about this with others, even people we are close to. However, I want you to know that sexual dysfunction is extremely common and affects almost every woman at some point. Further, this is completely treatable and that too with natural supplements like Vivadona.

So if you find yourself stressed or wondering how to increase your libido, don’t be disheartened. Remember that this is quite common for both men and women and nothing to be ashamed of. A healthy lifestyle and some herbal supplements can change your life for the better, just like they did for my friend.

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