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How sex almost ruined my marriage and how I turned it around

When we talk about sexual health in men, it is rare that anyone would actually admit they are short of perfect. It is a sense of pride and ego that has men everywhere boasting about their stamina and the nature of their sex life. Yet, seldom is it all true.

For a lot of men out there sexual dysfunction in the form of premature ejaculation or climaxing too soon is a major concern during sex. But for me, it was the opposite – I couldn’t seem to get an erection itself.

In the initial stages of my marriage I was fine, however, as time passed, I could not perform as I started having problems of not getting and sometimes taking too long to get an erection. And when I did manage to get an erection, I could only maintain it for a very short time. I didn’t know why this was happening to me – I hardly smoked or drank alcohol. It could have been me getting too nervous to perform – but I don’t think that was it.

Over time, I found that I was able to get an erection while masturbating but it was not firm enough to have sex. I was so disappointed that I stopped wanting any form of physical intimacy with my wife. This began to take a toll on my health, my self-esteem and even our relationship. I started becoming extremely irritable and frustrated while feeling like there’s something wrong with me. I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it out of fear of embarrassment and worry that something may be wrong with me.

As time passed, things didn’t improve but instead got worse. Sex became impossible and it started affecting me emotionally. Concerned I consulted my doctor and he assured me that this was a common form of erectile dysfunction. He further said that it was easily treatable, however, I did not want to take any sex pills that could be habit forming or have any side effects and informed him of the same.

I was worried that if I took prescription drugs even once, I’ll have to permanently rely on them in the future. He then told me that there are natural supplements such as Vigomax that are made from herbs and can help with this condition. The tablets are made from natural substances and specially created to boost men’s sexual health.

I started taking these tablets, and initially, was very sceptical as to whether these herbal tablets will work. I am relieved to say that these tablets worked wonders. I started noticing a change. It took a few weeks, but it was way better than the tablets available out there – as these were completely herbal and did not have any side effects. I also did a lot of research online and found that these tablets have ingredients that are some of the best aphrodisiacs for men.

Along with this tablet I was also advised to exercise daily and consume a healthy diet to ensure my hormonal system was not disturbed. All these changes have made a tremendous impact in my life. The embarrassment and frustration I felt because of my condition prevented me from seeking help earlier. However, I now realise that it is important to seek timely help to live a healthy and good life.

In case you or someone you know is suffering from sexual dysfunction and talks to you about it, help them understand it isn’t uncommon. Most men face some form of sexual dysfunction at some point or the other in their life which can be treated easily and naturally. Herbal supplements and lifestyle changes can go a long way in ensuring good health and keeping your relationships happy.


By : Reyansh Sethi



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