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Infertility Changed My Son. What is a Treatment for Male Infertility?

My son has always been my source of pride and joy. Since he was a child, we shared a close-knit relationship which only strengthened as he grew older. Even though every parent is biased towards their child, he genuinely grew up to be a wonderful man, loved by everyone.

When he got married, I was over the moon. My daughter-in-law is an accomplished and successful woman in herself, and a lovely person. I felt like she complimented my son perfectly and completed our family. She instantly became a part of the family and over the next couple of years became more like my own daughter.

Both my son and daughter-in-law are quite homely people and often spoke of having children. As for me, I couldn’t wait to be a grandfather and pamper my grandchild.

However, as time passed I started noticing a slight tension between the couple. Thinking that every couple has their share of fights, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I didn’t want to interfere in their relationship and was confident that they will work out any differences between them soon. Yet as time passed I felt their tension worsen. My daughter-in-law who was always smiling would often look sad and unhappy. As for my son, he started to become quiet and withdrawn.

I became worried and spoke to my son about it. At first I could see that he was hesitant but I pushed as I was concerned about them. Finally my son told me that they were unable to conceive a child. He became quite upset and said that he was at fault.

When I asked him to explain, he told me that they had been trying for a while without being able to conceive. His wife, thinking that it may due to some hormonal imbalance in her, went to her gynaecologist but was told she is completely healthy and fertile. At this point my daughter-in-law asked my son to get tested and he refused. He told me that even though he knows it’s wrong of him, he’s unable to accept that he may be infertile.

Hearing this I instantly calmed my son. I told him that conception is the responsibility of both partners and he needs to start communicating with his wife. I also told him that male infertility is extremely common and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. He told me that he had read about the typical treatment for male infertility and didn’t want to undergo it. The side effects and expense of the treatment sounded overwhelming. In addition the fear of becoming dependent on these medicines for a child was really impacting my son. Further, the inability to conceive and no treatment option was affecting their relationship negatively.

At this time I told my son to relax and explained that it was not such a big problem. Further there were safe alternatives and ayurvedic medicines for male infertility like Charak’s Addyzoa that help boost the overall reproductive health for men and help improve male fertility. My son was quite relieved and when he realised there are no side effects, agreed to give it a try.

I called the supplements for him and he began their consumption. As his mood improved and he began to be calmer, he also started communicating with his wife better. This helped mend their relationship and I started to see the couple that they initially were. What’s more is that a few months down the line my son and daughter-in-law gave me the best news – I was going to be a grandpa. They were happy and I was over the moon.

So often the stress and other factors of our life can impact our health and hormones in various ways. We don’t need to be ashamed or worried about harmful medications. Instead, with ayurvedic medicine like Addyzoa, these common concerns can easily be rectified in a healthy manner.

So if you or a man you know is struggling with infertility, let them know that it is quite common and inform them of natural remedies for male infertility. This herbal composition brought joy to my family and me, it can do the same for you as well.

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