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My Hectic Lifestyle Killed My Desire For Sex And Almost My Marriage Too

As a woman in my mid 30’s, I was juggling multiple roles in my personal and professional life. Being a mother, wife and a business professional would occupy my entire day, leaving me quite exhausted by the end. But fortunately for me, even as a mother, I was able to teach myself about the business I was in, right from the internet from places like But one day, I found myself spending lesser time with my husband and even our physical intimacy reduced drastically. My sexual libido diminished to a large extent and I found myself too tired to respond to my husband’s advances. 

I love my husband and am quite attracted to him, but the hectic schedule of my day left me too exhausted for sex. In the initial days I would think I was just feeling tired that day and would be fine the next day. But my routine didn’t change and soon I found myself not wanting to be physically intimate at all. At times even if I wanted to engage in sex I would feel too tired to do anything. Even though my husband never said anything and was quite understanding, I could make out that it upset him.

Time just kept passing by and I couldn’t see things improving for the better. Even my husband stopped trying after always getting a refusal from me. This started to worry me but I didn’t know how to increase libido. Neither of us said anything and soon it became an awkward situation where we were just living as roommates. The exhaustion of my lifestyle also started affecting me physical and emotional health. I would be tired all the time and didn’t actually enjoy the time spent with my kids or at work. Further, I felt like my husband and I were drifting apart and this affected my emotional health too.

I didn’t know who to talk to about something so personal so I kept it all bottled up which only worsened things more. I finally confided in my best friend one day and told her what was happening. As a young mother, she told me that she too had faced this herself and that there was nothing to worry. She told me how she was always tired and stopped enjoying anything in her life, but with some natural remedies she overcame it and was much healthier now. I was relieved to know I wasn’t alone and asked her how she managed to get through it.

She told me she started exercising daily by taking out some time for herself and was also taking a supplement. I was worried about taking medicines which generally have a lot of side effects and shared this with her. She then told me that Ayurvedic female libido enhancer, Vivadona was a herbal supplement and completely safe, and asked me to try it for a while. Further, it was non habit-forming which meant, I wouldn’t have to be dependent on it for life.

I decided to have these supplements and I’m so happy that I did. My energy levels started improving and I found myself much more active. In addition, I started walking regularly while listening to my favourite music which really helped me relax and unwind, while also improving my health. My sexual libido also balanced out and I found myself becoming intimate with my husband again. All these changes brought a positive change in me and gave me the confidence I had lost in myself.

This made me realise that as women we often do a lot for others without taking any time for ourselves. Not only does this affect us but also our loved ones in a negative manner. I learned that it is important to take some time out in the say and do something positive for us. For me working on my health and the addition of Vivadona to supplement my reproductive health did wonders for my life. I became more active and calm and was able to enjoy being in a physical relationship with my husband again!

By: Gayatri Dave

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