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The Ultimate Ways To Boost Female Libido Naturally

Female sexual dysfunction or loss of libido in women is a very common problem. Sexual desire of a woman fluctuates from time to time, depending on various factors. These fluctuations are a normal part of life. However, if there is a steep decline in your libido, and if it persists for a longer time, then it is a cause of concern.

There are many factors associated with it. Some reasons why women may experience loss of libido are:

  • Problems in a relationship
  • Stress
  • Menopause
  • Medicines
  • Underlying illness
  • Lifestyle habits

There are a number of things you can do to help you overcome this problem

  • Talk to your partner

Remember communication is the main key. Spend more time together. Pamper each other. Share the responsibilities. Talk about your needs and desires. Talk with your partner openly about your sexual desire, and what you can do differently

  • Massage and other pleasurable physical activities may be able to increase your libido
  • Reduce stress

Practice yoga and meditation. You can reduce stress before sexual activity by taking warm bath

  • Exercise for pelvic muscles

You can make the pelvic muscles strong by doing Kegel exercise, which is contracting and relaxing the vaginal muscles

  • Brisk walk or other exercises

Will improve the blood flow to all organs, and studies have shown that it creates greater arousal for women

Studies have shown that challenging physical activities triggers arousal and can make you more attracted to your partner after a workout. Run or cycle at the same pace. This will help strengthen your emotional bond even more.

  • Swimming

Studies have shown that swimmers in their 60s had had same level of sexual activity as compared to people who were 20 years younger.

  • Stop alcohol

Excess amounts of alcohol is known to interfere with loss of libido

  • Chocolates – a woman’s best friend

Chocolates have been known as the symbol of desire and improve sexual pleasure. Chocolates have mood lifting properties

  • Eat libido boosting fruits

Certain fruits, that are aphrodisiac, such as figs, bananas, and avocados can help boost libido in women

  • Sleep well

Due to the hectic schedules, you may not have proper amount of sleep, which also interferes with libido. Sleep well, take regular naps when you can, eat a well-balanced diet

  • Herbal supplements

VIVADONA is an herbal blend, a herbal female libido enhancer, specifically designed by Charak Pharma for female sexual dysfunction. It offers multiple modes of action relevant for female sexual dysfunction. VIVADONA, an herbal female libido enhancer, corrects the hormonal levels and improves blood flow to pelvic region.

The key ingredients of VIVADONA are: Brahmi, Kali Musli, Safed Musli, Shatavari, Gokshura, Kaunch beej.

Brahmi is an effective antistress and adaptogenic agent. Kali Musli has a significant estrogenic activity. Safed Musli and Shatavari are beneficial in the management of stress. Shatavari is an effective antidepressant. Gokshura is potent aphrodisiac due to its androgen increasing property. Kaunch beej is a potent aphrodisiac and tonic.

Thus, VIVADONA increases the libido in women. It also decreases stress and anxiety, and improves quality of life.

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