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A note by Dr. Mahinder Watsa, Sexpert

Today’s hectic lifestyle often disturbs both body and sexual health. When a person is in poor or reduced health, his or her body cannot respond to sexual stimuli in the normal way; general debility and fatigue and hormonal disorders can reduce sexual drive. Thus sexual problems can be caused by physical factors such as tiredness, illness or excess alcohol intake. Psychological factors such as anxiety, loss of confidence and depression are also major causes of sexual problems

It is around the mid 30’s and beyond that such problems are commonly seen mainly in the male. The pressure and total focus on work, neglect of physical fitness, combined with emotional and mental tension results in a lack of sexual desire (libido), arousal and penile erection which in turn leads to a sense of failure and loss of confidence in himself. This is manifested in the body by a loss of vigor and vitality.

To bring about a better erection several drugs are being researched. Among them, the first Sildenafil (Viagra) has multimillion dollar sales thus showing the vast extent of the problem. Presently the second generation Tadanafil is available in India. These drugs are successful only if there is good arousal by foreplay, obviously not by a man whose vitality is low. There are reports of men not being satisfied after a successful act because they were fatigued… Physical and emotional fitness is thus essential. These drugs are not helpful to restore vitality…

To restore his well-being a person will have to change his present lifestyle, give more attention to his physical fitness, diet and emotional well-being. To help restore vigor one has to change the mindset to regain confidence and improve desire, restore bodily health to improve stamina for better sexual performance.

Vigomax forte has been formulated with this in mind. Unlike products claiming the same benefits, Vigomax forte contains the herbal drugs in optimum amount. It acts at all the three target areas;

  1. At brain level; – It helps to calm the mind and helps to restore confidence rational thinking
  2. With the help of invigorating acting drugs and the nonhormonal testosterone action, it tones up body fitness, increases energy levels thus improving sexual performance
  3. Vigomax forte has special action to improve blood flow in the pelvis helps improve blood flow to the genital organs and thus helps to restore better penis erections

Please note that Vigomax forte has not on-demand action like Sildenafil (Viagra). Its action is best seen after 15 days. Vigomax forte is not only useful by itself but it can play an important role when prescribed adjuvant with other drugs.

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