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5 ways to keep SUMMER itch at bay!

Is your summer fun ruined because you are found to spend more time scratching rather than with your loved ones? Have you requested your child to provide helping hand in scratching or have you purchased a special device to ease the itch? This terrible, all day long scratching can result into vicious summer skin itch over time. Summer skin itching can range from a little nuisance to severe, troublesome sleep deprived bugging situation. In agony and desperate for instant relief, you scratch harder resulting in skin wounds, bruises, inflammation, and bleeding. Adding insult to injury, scratching will only cause the skin irritations to spread, worsen and in some cases, become infected.

In such scenario, flaunting your new strapless dress just to attend Justin Bieber’s concert can turn out to be your worst decision. This is only because of your dark red, soared, inflamed skin popping out from all angles.

Summer brings along a scorching hot sun, unbearably high temperatures, and profuse sweating. Spending a day under the sweltering heat can leave you with tiny reddish, dry skin rashes, sunburn, skin allergy, skin itching and sweat-induced skin infections.

If you are looking for remedies for all your summer skin woes, then you have landed on the right web page. You only need to delve into the depths of your kitchen cabinets to provide relief against your bothersome itchy rashes. Just follow these 5 simple ways at home.

  1. Peppermint

It has a cooling effect, possesses anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties, increases circulation to the inflamed area and relieves skin itching and dry skin rash. Wash and prepare a paste of peppermint leaves, chill it for 5 – 10 minutes and apply on itchy skin.

  1. Honey

Honey helps lock in moisture, soothes dry skin rashes and skin irritations and prevents from scratching urges. Apply honey on itchy skin, leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

  1. Lemon

Dilute lemon juice with coconut oil and then apply over the irritated skin. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing skin itching.

  1. Basil

It contains high amounts of eugenol, a topical anesthetic. Boil 5 – 6 basil leaves in water. Keep it covered to prevent the escape of the aromatic eugenol. Allow it to cool. Dip a clean cloth in the extract and apply to itchy skin as often as necessary. This is the best treatment for skin rash and skin allergy.

  1. Neem

It moisturizes your skin and thus prevents dry skin rash and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. You can either apply readily available neem oil to the itchy skin or boil few neem leaves and add to your bath water.

Try this herbal skin allergy treatment– Urtiplex Anti-Itch Lotion and Urtiplex capsules

To make your skin less sensitive to summer allergens and high temperatures, simultaneously providing relief from itching, then you must surely try a topical herbal preparation Urtiplex Anti-itch lotion. It is a one-stop solution for skin allergy, skin rash and skin irritations. Aloe gel has potent skin soothing, antiinflammatory as well as antibacterial activity. Menthol with Kokum butter and Zinc reduces skin rash and hives and prevents flare-ups.

Urtiplex capsule, a natural herbal formulation by Charak Pharma is also useful to combat skin infections and allergy. It contains Manjishta, Khadir and Katuki that possess anti-inflammatory, skin soothing and antibacterial activity. Daruharidra and Sariva relieve itching and reduce the flare-ups. Usheer, Guduchi and Haridra help in wound healing and also exhibit antimicrobial activity to prevent secondary infections. Shunthi and Jatamansi help to soothe dry skin rash and control stress associated with skin disorders.

There is no reason to hide from the sun and miss out on all the summer fun. Follow these easy-to-do tips and use the best supplements for skin Urtiplex Anti-itch lotion and Urtiplex capsules to have smooth, supple and itch-free skin this summer.

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