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Best Time of the Day to Wash Your Face

Best Time of the Day to Wash Your Face

A little bit makes a big difference, enjoy healthy skin!

As a general rule, you should wash your face twice a day – once in morning and once at night. Everybody is aware of it and might be following it. In this busy schedule, we tend to miss out the simple skin tip to keep our face skin away from dirt, dust and extra oil secretions. If you have oily, regular or dry skin and if you are confused about what time is the best to wash your face for healthy and glowing skin?

The answer is nighttime before going to bed. Almost all dermatologists agree to have a face wash at nighttime.

As an Ayurvedic doctor, I recommend a proper face wash twice a day with herbal and natural facewash. It will help to cleanse your skin from dirt, particulate accumulation, and oil secretions to keep your skin healthy. And even if you are going to skip a wash and follow an ideal time for wash, night time is just the better time.

For best herbal choice, Moha herbal facewash is the perfect choice for you. Today’s skin tip is, “regular face wash with Moha herbal facewash at least once a day for healthy skin”. Moha Herbal facewash is enriched with Aloe, Cucumber, Rose and Neem extracts which effectively cleanses impurities while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture. Neem acts as natural antiseptic and antibacterial which prevents acne. Moha: a brand with all natural ingredients best suits any skin type to promote healthy and glowing skin.

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