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No More Hair Problems

No More Hair Problems

Hair is considered to be one of the beautiful assets. Baldness or hair loss may seem like something only adults need to worry about. But a latest national survey, conducted in Ireland about the level of hair loss experienced by Irish men, have highlighted that 51 per cent of young men (under 30) claim to be experiencing hair loss. There also is a small percentage of women who lose hair. Some make do with a body wave lace front wig while others seek medication. The survey also revealed the extent of the psychological impact of male hair loss, with 24 per cent of those surveyed claiming that their confidence is badly affected, particularly in social situations.

The increase of baldness in number of young patients has been attributed to androgen excess. An elevated level of testosterone in blood capillaries is known as one of causative factors of androgenic alopecia (AGA). In animal studies, testosterone-treated mice exhibit AGA like symptoms. However, good news is that various reports demonstrate that herbal antiandrogenic agents help in hair regrowth.

In a recent study published in Phytotherapy Research, Jan 2012 issue, Rosemary officinalis (RO) leaf showed an antiandrogenic effect and hair growth promoting activity in in-vivo assays. In the experimental model, testosterone treated mice were shaved. To investigate the antiandrogenic activity mechanism of RO-extracts, scientists focused on inhibition of testosterone 5a-reductase, which is well recognized as one of the most effective strategies for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. The results suggest that RO extract inhibits the binding of dihydrotestosterone to androgen receptors.  This inhibition of binding positively affects the hair regrowth. Conclusively, RO extract is a promising phytomedicine for hair growth. In some other studies, Rosemary has also shown excellent antidandruff potential. While there are evidences for the link between androgen excess and dandruff, RO has a dual effect on dandruff and hair loss by its antiandrogenic activity.   Charak pharma offers herbal hair oil, Danil, which has Rosemary as its main ingredient. Danil exhibits both antidandruff and hair regrowth effects.

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