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Skin Care Tips for Safe HOLI!

Skin Care Tips for Safe HOLI!

Holi is the most favourite colourful festival in our country, but it leaves behind the harsh after-effect due to use of synthetic chemicals and metallic colours.

Enjoy your Holi with these easy precautions to avoid skin and eye problems.

Cover to protect

Best is a use of full-sleeved clothes that cover the exposed skin. Direct exposure to harmful colours harms your skin and causes irritation.

Oil as armor

Skin is very sensitive to harsh chemicals. Applying a shield of natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, sesame oil, etc. to skin creates a natural barrier towards direct exposure to chemicals.

Hair style that matters  

Applying oil coat on the hair and scalp to protect from direct effect of colors on hair is the best strategy. Using a trendy hat, turban, etc. can also add on to the benefit and reduce the damage to hair.

Choose herbal colours

Enjoy safe Holi with better alternatives available. Using natural, herbal colours is the best choice. Make it a big difference this year.

Healthy wash after Holi

Take an immediate shower or wash with Moha herbal Shower ge or Moha soap. Use of Moha herbal face wash is best face care after Holi celebration.

So let’s enjoy!

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