2 Main Reasons Why Good Sleep Is Very Important?

Sleep plays an incredibly important role in good health and well-being through your entire life. A good sound sleep at night helps to maintain good physical and mental health.

Sleeping is just as important as healthy eating and regular exercise.

Today, due to westernization and changing lifestyle, like, late night work or parties and events, people are now sleeping less at night, resulting in the decrease of their sleep quality as well.

What happens while you sleep influences the way you feel when you are awake. While asleep, your body works to maintain your physical health. It works to preserve healthy brain function. Sleep also supports growth and development in children.

The effects of sleep deprivation can be acute or chronic, i.e. for long- term. Sleep deficiency can increase your risk of chronic health problems. Quality of sleep also affects your ability to think, react, work, learn, and get along with others.

Reasons why good sleep is important: 

1. Good night’s sleep improves your daytime performance

Sleeping well helps you going throughout the day. Lack of proper sleep leads to decreased productivity at work. You may have noticed, that when you haven’t slept well, you take longer to finish work and tend to make more mistakes.

Even after skipping 1–2 hours of sleep per night, your work may hamper and you may feel like you haven’t slept at all in a day or two.

This sleep deficiency, leads you to micro-sleep- commonly known as dozing or a temporary episode of sleeping, which may last for a few seconds. Micro-sleep refers to a sleepy person fighting against sleep to stay awake. It is not in your control, and may happen even suddenly.

People feel that they can work efficiently even after lack of sleep. Drivers even though drowsy, they may feel that they can drive. But studies have shown that sleep deficiency harms your ability to drive as much as, or even more than, being drunk. Sleep deficiency not only affects the drivers, but can affect anyone, for e.g. students, lawyers, mechanics, health care providers etc, leaving them with the option of a CPAP therapy.

Sleep deficiency can cause extensive damage like road accidents, aviation accidents, etc, a Miami Wrongful Death Lawyer finds in a study carried out in 2005.

2. Good night’s sleep maintains healthy brain function

Sleep helps in proper functioning of your brain. When you sleep at night, your brain works, and prepares for the next day. It forms new pathways which will help you to learn and recollect information.

Studies have shown that sleep improves learning. Sleep helps enhances your learning and problem-solving skills. Proper sleep also helps you to be attentive, make correct decisions, and be creative.

It is also seen that, lack of sleep alters brain activity. You may find it difficult to make decisions, or control your behavior or adapt to chance, if you do not sleep well. Lack of sleep is also linked to depression and suicidal thoughts.

Children, who do not sleep properly, have difficulty in concentrating on studies, which may result in low grades. They feel stressed, angry and may also find it difficult to cope with others.

In fact, Ayurveda textbook Charak Samhita considers ‘food, sleep and sex’ as three pillars of health. Sleep being one of the pillars of health, lack of sleep may cause lifestyle disorders like, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and many other chronic disorders.  No wonder, William Shakespeare describes sleep as: “Chief nourisher in life’s feast”

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To achieve optimal health, good sleep is an absolute necessity.

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