5 Ayurveda Tips to enhance Immunity

According to Ayurveda, seasonal changes cause a disturbance in the basic components of the body which constitute and manage various functions of the body and also enhance immunity and impart resilience to fight infections.

 In Vasant ritu or the spring season, people commonly suffer from cough, cold, fever, indigestion, skin problems, respiratory infections etc. Thus, a proper regimen has to be followed to balance and enhance immunity.

5 Ayurveda Tips to enhance immunity                                     

Boiled water should be used for drinking. It should preferably be boiled for 20 minutes and certain herbs like shunthi, tulsi etc should be added to it while boiling. This medicated or detox water helps to regulate metabolism and also improves our immunity to fight with seasonal viral infections.

Dhupan is another important practice which should be done regularly. Dhupan should be done with herbs like neem, kapur etc. It not only disinfects the household objects but the medicated fumes help fight seasonal infections.

  • Neem leaves are anti-infective and should be added in bathing water. Neem is an anti-septic and forms a protective barrier over skin to protect from harmful microbes.
  • Honey is very effective in relieving the symptoms of cough and cold during season change. 1 tsf honey should be consumed with pinch of dry ginger powder and half teaspoonful of turmeric powder twice a day. It also relieves sore throat and eases breathing in respiratory infections.
  • Udvartan is the use of medicated powders to rub over body to get rid of toxins and harmful microbes from the body. It is indicated in various disorders of skin and can be used as an alternative to the use of soap.Powder of herbs like triphala, chandan, kachora etc can be used as udvartan.

Make sure you follow these simple Ayurvda tips this Vasant Ritu to strengthen your body. These simple practices if incorporated in our daily routine can help us improve immunity and fight with seasonal viral infections. Using immunity-enhancing tablets with herbs like  guduchi and haldi or turmeric daily as a preventive measure will go along way to strengthen our body against harmful microbes.

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