5 must have monsoon fruits to boost Immunity

Good news is rains are around the corner… The season of Kadak Masala Chai with lip smacking onion Pakodas is just to blossom. The joy and happiness monsoon season brings in one’s life is beyond is matchless. After the scorching heat of summers, the rains seem to be the blessings from heaven.

The pleasure brought by these rains are unmeasurable. But these rain along with also bring range of diseases like seasonal allergies, viral infections, respiratory illnesses, cold & cough. As bodies digestive capacity or fire too weakens this season varied digestive issues are also seen which leads to poor absorption of food nutrients making the body weak and low immunity.

After these all years of pandemic we surely have understood the significance of health and also many ways of making it better and robust. It has also proved that strong immunity holds the key for sound health and better growth.

So before moving further down let us first understand what is Immunity?

In simple words put together Immunity refers to the bodies capacity to defend against diseases causing organisms.

There are different ways to boost your immune system from immunity boosting shots to health drinks but having healthy food is the most basic way to do the same and having seasonal fruits and vegetables is the crux of the game.

So let us unveil them one by one.


These are round and red colored fruits are one of healthiest and delicious one, they are low in calories, fat but abundance in fibers. They are enriched with Vitamins A, C &E and other minerals like calcium and iron. Its excellent antioxidant properties help to remove free radicals from our bodies. It has antiviral & anti-microbial activity keeps seasonal infections at a bay and thus supports our immune system.

Pomegranates also known to support our digestive health, as it increases the good bacteria in the gut by improving gut health and digestion which helps in better absorption of the nutrients from the food.  As gut health is related with your immunity thus improving the same. Apart from this regular intake of pomegranates in any form improves your hemoglobin levels and corrects anemia.


Apples have ample amount of phytochemicals mainly quercetin which is more found in skins of apples. It predominantly functions as an antioxidant and also regulates inflammation. Apart from quercetin there are other flavonoids which too helps in protection of body cells by removing free radicals and regulates immune responses, so don’t peel the skin.

Apples come with lots of soluble fibers and one of it is pectin. The large part of our immune system is not complete without strong gut health, apples have shown to support gut health due to presence of pectin. Apples too contain Vitamin C which helps to keep inflammation at bay and supports immune system. The best part of apples is that they are available almost throughout the year.




Oranges contain 86 % water which helps in hydration they are loaded with abundance of Vitamin C. Any type of orange can provide you with more than 70% of vitamin C of our daily requirement. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant which helps to boost the immune system and protect against the infections, more to that it also supports in storage and absorbing iron which is necessary for healing and other metabolic processes. The natural fibers in oranges helps reliving constipation thereby keeping your bowel movements regular, supporting digestive tract and aids to better gut health.


Pears as a fruit is high in fibers, Vitamin C & Vitamin A. The fruit also contains copper, calcium, phosphorus & magnesium in significant amounts. The Vitamin A &C helps boosts immunity an antioxidant effect of it help to improve immune response. The fiber content of it also promotes gut health other minerals also strengthen your bones and provide the energy needed.


Nuts like Almond & walnuts are rich in essential minerals and vitamins which help in building are immunity. They contain niacin, riboflavin & Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress. Almonds also contain protein & iron which are essential for immune system function. They are easily available and also can be merged along with different snacks.

So Happy Monsoons…. Don’t forget to enjoy your natural immunity booster.

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