7 Tips About Stomach Sickness in Summer

Stomach sickness is very common during summer. Aside from hay fever, people also suffer mostly from upset stomach and indigestion.

As we feel the summer heat, we desire immediately to go for cold shower. Ayurveda relates summer with the element of fire, which governs the Pitta dosha. Often the seasonal shifts and extreme weather can weaken digestive fire.

All of us are aware of the fact that some diseases are more prominent in certain seasons than others. For instance, cold, flu and cough are common diseases of winters, dengue and malaria of monsoon, and diarrhea of summers. Of these, the diseases of summers bring along a host of other health problems as well that range from simple ones like a headache, skin rashes, sun burns, etc. to severe ones like measles, jaundice, and more.

So some health problems related to impaired digestion during summer are:

Acid reflux: Many people suffer from acid reflux in the summer but they tend to be fine at other times of the year. This is something that can ruin summer-time fun, if you aren’t able to  handle it.

Bloating: In the summer, bloating occurs because high heat and humidity can cause blood vessels and capillaries to expand and dilate, allowing more fluid to fill the interstitial spaces between organs and tissues. The end result is bloating and puffiness. But chronic inflammation, particularly, in the digestive tract, is also a major factor—and it gets worse when temperatures rise during summer.

Constipation: Constipation during the summer months is usually a result of specific dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors. Inadequate fluid intake or excess loss of fluid during summer and heat waves can lead to constipation. Furthermore, replacing water with other beverages like cola, coffee or alcohol can expedite water loss.

Nausea and vomiting: Nausea represents the feeling of discomfort in the stomach, which is usually accompanied by the urge to vomit. The large and improper meals (too fatty and spicy foods, eating late in evenings), food poisoning, inadequate amounts of water you drink, sun exposure and staying at high temperatures or traveling too much can cause discomfort in the stomach.

Dyspepsia: Inability for digesting some particular foods or overeating leads to dyspepsia along with its usual symptoms like stomach pain, nausea, heartburn, flatulence, etc. These faulty food habits like consumption of heavy foods, much spicy foods, overeating, wrong food combinations, allergy to some foods, eating with anxiety and anger, going to bed soon after meals, eating too fast, no fixed eating schedule, etc. can aggravate the dyspepsia during summer.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Hot, humid weather physically stresses your body. Humidity’s effects on gut serotonin also reduce your pain tolerance level because people with IBS have a lower threshold for gut pain in the first place.

Ayurvedic remedy for digestion problems in summer:

OJUS Tablets and Syrup

OJUS is a complete digestive aid formulated by Charak Pharma. It improves digestion and relieves dyspepsia through its effect on secretion of digestive enzymes, motility of GI tract.

OJUS act as powerful appetizers, prokinetics and stimulants of digestive enzymes, stimulates secretions of various glands of the intestinal mucosa. OJUS protects stomach mucosa from gastric acid.

Thus, OJUS acts as a complete digestive aid. It is effective in functional dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting associated with dyspepsia, early satiety, bloating and abdominal discomfort.

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