The Ultimate Herbal Way to Manage Exam Stress

Do you feel anxious during your exam days? Do you suffer from exam stress? Is your heart is beating like anything during exam? Is exam stress a cause of your poor performance in study? Are you looking for herbal solution to get rid of exam stress?

So here are some Ayurveda herbs proven to be beneficial in symptoms of exam stress.

Jala Brahmi:

Bacopa improves learning, acquisition and retention. It exhibits excellent antidepressant, anxiolytic activity and highly effective as an adaptogenic, it normalizes acute and chronic stress induced corticosterone changes in brain. Thus shows beneficial role to conquer exam stress in children.


Herb shows significant effects on learning and memory. It is also useful in dementia, mental disorders and anxiety. Brahmi possesses antidepressant activity, helps to improve memory, attention and concentration in children with learning disability and eases exam stress naturally.


Shankhpushpi is considered as Medhya (brain tonic) rasayana in Ayurveda. It is a well-known medicinal herb and is believed to enhance certain aspects related to intellect and memory improvement. The herb induces a feeling of calm and peace, good sleep and a relief in anxiety, stresses and mental fatigue which plays imporatant role to alleviate exam stress.


Exhibits potent antistress, anxiolytic, antidepressant and better adaptogenic action. Shows protective effect in stress induced neuronal degeneration. Helps to achieve better state to fight against stress. Ashwagandha enhances memory, stabilizes mood and improves learning ability thus helps to releive symptoms of exam stress.


It is a powerful brain tonic, improves learning, retention and memorizing capacity, and helps in overcoming physical weakness and mental confusion. The plant Jyotishmati shows beneficial role in exam stress due to excellent neuro- protective and cognitive ability improvement action.

COGNIUM Tablets and Syrup:

 COGNIUM is an excellent ayurvedic medicine for memory and concentration, formulated by CHARAK PHARMA, shows beneficial effects on exam stress.

COGNIUM tablets and syrup are blends with medhya (brain tonic) ingredients as mentioned in ancient Ayurveda text, they possess excellent antistress, anxiolytic and adaptogenic properties, thus help to conquer stress during exams. COGNIUM is aimed at preserving and enhancing cognitive functions, improves attention, boosts memory and enhances concentration.

Jal Brahmi and Brahmi present in COGNIUM improve cognitive functions. Jyotishmati and Arjun enhance circulation to the CNS. Ashwagandha provides protection to nervous system by acting as adaptogenic against stress. Tagar reduces anxiety during exam.

So use these safe Ayurvedic brain tonic herbs to ease exam stress and to boost your performance during exams.


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