What are the Menstrual Disorders? By Charak Pharma

Today, we shall look at menstrual disorders with irregular, heavy or excessive bleeding.

To understand these disorders, we must first understand the normal menstrual cycle.

You may be surprised to know that this cycle starts, not in the uterus (the womb) or the ovary where eggs are produced.

It starts in the brain. Wonder why? It is ultimately the brain that controls various body systems including the female genital organs.

At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the brain releases some chemicals known as hormones. One of them is known as ‘follicle stimulating hormone’. This hormone stimulates the ovary which prepares one egg for release.

After a few days, the brain releases another hormone called ‘luteinising hormone’ which releases the egg from the ovary. The egg is then captured by a tube called fallopian tube and taken to the uterus or womb, where it is fertilized by the sperm if it is there. The fertilized egg becomes the embryo out of which a new baby is produced. If there is no fertilization, the egg is thrown away and a new cycle starts.

In this process, the inner lining of the womb prepares itself to receive the embryo if it is formed and houses it for the whole length of pregnancy. If there is no embryo, the inner lining of the womb is shed or thrown away in the form of menstruation.

Now you can understand how this complicated process can get disturbed if the chemicals or hormones don’t work in sync with one another. As a result, the bleeding can become irregular, heavy or excessive.

Painful menstruation or menstrual cramps occur when the uterus (womb) contracts too strongly. It can occur in normal cycles in young women with a tendency to go into spasms. It can also occur if the hormones don’t work properly together and as a result, the uterus goes into spasms.

In order to treat menstrual disorders or problems, one must treat the hormonal imbalances first. In allopathy, synthetic hormones are administered to counter the hormonal disturbances. These medicines may or may not work properly. They also have plenty of side effects.

In Ayurveda, naturally occurring herbs are administered by experts which restore the normal balance between hormones. This is a preferred method of treating menstrual irregularities.

Charak’s M2 TONE is a best medicine for irregular periods. It is tailor-made to take care of the above type of menstrual irregularities. It in fact modulates the hormones back to normalcy.

M2 TONE useful in irregular menstrual cycle treatment can restore normalcy whatever be the type of menstrual irregularity.

M2TONE has the advantage that it does not contain synthetic hormones. So there is no worry about side effects caused by them.

M2 TONE is composed of the best herbs that have stood the test of time over centuries and millennia for female infertility treatment, irregular menstrual cycle treatment. They are carefully chosen and blended into our formulation in the most scientific manner possible.

It is important for you to take care of your diet and nutrition in order to control menstrual irregularities. Excessive bleeding leads to loss of iron from the body which must be replaced with a diet rich in iron. Fresh green vegetables are the best source of iron.

So take product M2 TONE for natural cure of different menstrual cycle ailments.

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