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5 Ultimate Ways To Rekindle Spark With Your Spouse

In today’s hectic world, you are left with no time to cater to your wife’s needs. Corporate stress, zeal to achieve goals, daily exertion and tiredness, all are responsible for damaging your relationship. Dear men, the first basic symptom that you need to watch for is low sex drive. This is clear indication that the spark between you and your wife is completely dead. What you need to know are the ways to rekindle the spark of love by the following ways:

1. Communicate

Staying numb will further damage the relationship. Talk to your partner to let her know that your low libido isn’t because of her. Look for solutions together. Ask what is appealing to her and try unique ways of regaining libido that works well for you both.

2. Plan ahead

Planning doesn’t have to be unsexy. Enjoy the time you spend planning your datenight and the new strategies that will arouse her. Women love surprises the most. Plan for new surprises daily to excite her. If you are amateur at this, seek help from sex counsellor!

3. Touch

Try to engage in unexpected touch. Cuddling, stroking, massage and other types of gentle touch that connect you with your partner can lead to arousal.

4. Be active together

Exercising together is great. Your workouts need to be more fun than just a compulsion. When you work with your partner, it helps to balance your hormones, uplifts your mood and spa together after workouts can a fabulous thing to do!

5. Try herbal libido booster for men

Based on the principles of Ayurveda, Vigomax Forte is a rational aphrodisiac formulated by Charak Pharma for male sexual dysfunction. It contains Mucuna pruriens that facilitates the neurological conduction of sex impulse to the sex organs. Terminalia Arjuna increases blood flows to sex organs and facilitates erection. Tribulus terrestris and Withania somnifera in Vigomax Forte aid the mechanism of action of nitric oxide (NO) thus induce erection. The above herbs are also potent antioxidants that help improve general health. Orchid latifolia, Chlorophytum arundinaceum, Ricinus communis are natural aphrodisiac. Withania somnifera is a potent stress reliever and antioxidant. Overall, VIGOMAX FORTE improves blood circulation to the sexual organs, promotes strength and stamina and restores sexual health and improves vitality.

Men, try these 5 ways to rediscover your relationship again!

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