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Stress can affect your sperm count – Follow simple tips and supplement with Addyzoa

Stress is a great motivator. It helps us challenge ourselves at every point in life. Mild stress is healthy but excessive stress leads to many health issues.

We often feel stressed in emotional situations or when we face a physical threat. Be it a work related issue, a marital argument or just a social case, our minds are engineered to react with stress. These habitual situations can lead to chronic stress. The higher the frequency of stress, the more difficult it becomes to handle it.

In men, it is found to affect the sperm count leading to male infertility. Researchers have observed that a man’s ability to handle short-term and long-term stress is linked to his ability to produce healthy, viable sperms. Stressed men are found to ejaculate less semen and have low sperm motility and count. Also, the quality of the sperm depends on the anxiety levels faced by the men.

How does stress affect sperm count?

Let’s get a bit into the science behind the research. Stress interferes with the production and function of the specialized cells producing sperms (Leydig cells). Stress inhibits the chain of hormonal events controlled by hypothalamus –pituitary endocrine axis.  A disruption in this axis leads to a lack of testosterone and a cessation in sperm production.  There are other contributing factors too, but stress is at least partially responsible for many serious conditions. Additionally, stress has a direct effect on the relationship with the partner which leads to lower sex drive.

How can you prevent stress from taking a toll on your sperms?

  • Limit your hours at work

Long working hours are observed to be the main cause of stress. Take work a little lightly and at no point, carry your work load beyond office limits.

  • Exercise

Relax! Try a few relaxation techniques while you are at your desk. Take some time off for yoga and meditation. Other exercises like running or swimming also help to a great extent.

  • Sleep well

Sleep is more important for a healthy life than you think. Regularly exhausted mind leads to higher levels of stress, so sleep for at least 8 hours every day.

How to improve sperm count naturally?

Herbal supplements are also quite effective in curbing infertility. Addyzoa is a product of Charak Pharma that combines the best herbs in the right proportion in order to restore sperm count as well as the quality of sperm and semen. Addyzoa is a rich combination of herbs that promotes the process of sperm formation. Addyzoa possesses aphrodisiac properties too which improves sexual desire and sustains penile erection. In addition, its antioxidant and adaptogen properties make sure that sperm and the semen are of the best quality. Regular doses increase the sperm count and enhance sperm motility, thus improving the chances of pregnancy.

The great news comes with the fact that stress-related male infertility can be reversed by controlling stress and supplementing with the herbal formulation Addyzoa Capsule.

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