My Younger Sister had her Period at 8, am Scared and Nervous.

My younger sister and I share an extremely close relationship. We have a 7 year age gap between us and that often caused me to treat her like a child and indulge most of her whims. As both our parents were working, she and I would spend most of our free time together and she would tell me just about everything in her life.

She was quite talkative and excited and would never leave my side. When she was 8 years old, she started becoming quite irritable and would often snap at me if I said anything. This was not the girl I knew and I began to worry if she is facing trouble at school. But her friends told me that she suddenly stopped wanting to play and would get angry if they pursued her. Also, they said she started sitting by herself during break time instead of sitting with everyone.

I once again tried talking to my sister who had become quite withdrawn by then but she didn’t say anything. Then one day I found her crying in the room and ran to her side. When I asked her what was wrong she said she had blood on her panties. I was shocked and thought she may have injured herself while playing. I never even thought it could be menstrual blood as she was only 8, but that’s what it was.

I was scared and nervous and instantly called my mom as I tried to calm my sister. My mother couldn’t believe it either as13 was the age of my first period and 8 years just seems too young. However, the doctor told us there was nothing to worry and sometimes girls start their periods young, also known as early menarche. My mom and I were shocked and my baby sister kept complaining of pain in her tummy. As someone who has dealt with severe PMS, I couldn’t bear the thought of my little sister in pain. The doctor prescribed her painkillers and told us that it was a normal occurrence.

Yet when we went home I still didn’t know how to deal with it. I began to explain my sister the concept of menstruation as best I could and told her it was nothing to be ashamed or worried about. I then helped her understand how to use sanitary pads and keep herself clean. My mother and I were in quite a shock as we hadn’t expected to have to teach an 8 year old about menstruation. Also, when she complained of pain, I was unhappy in giving her the strong painkillers that I would take. Those initial days, we were all a bit unsure but as we saw my baby sister start to become withdrawn and sad, my mother and I knew we had to take some action.

At this point, I spoke to my yoga teacher who I am very close to and consider a mentor. She could see how upset I was and calmed me down. As a firm believer in alternative and natural treatments herself, she could understand my concern in giving such a young girl painkillers that could have potential side effects.

Instead, she told me about a syrup called M2Tone EM by Charak and told me this was a purely ayurvedic and natural home remedy for childhood period and to help with the symptoms of early menarche. Also, there were no side effects and completely safe for a young girl like my sister. I was thrilled and instantly purchased the bottle. My mother also read up about it and consulted a few people before giving it to my sister.

To our immense relief, the syrup made a huge difference to my sister. She soon started becoming happy and vibrant again and over time her periods became regular and less painful. As her pain reduced and her mood improved, she started to become the same happy-go-lucky kid as before. She also started interacting with me like before adding to my happiness.

While this isn’t an ideal situation for anyone, it is important to be aware of it. Even though menarche typically begins between the ages of 11 to 14, early menarche at the age of 8 is also possible. Here it is important to be with your sister or daughter and not let her be upset or embarrassed. Be sure to reach out to people instead of relying on commercial medication that can worsen her discomfort. Herbal supplements like M2Tone EM can naturally heal the symptoms of early menarche and restore the vibrancy of a young girl like it did for my sister.

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