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Awaiting Motherhood – My Journey By Charak Pharma

Since I was a girl, I have always been very fond of children. I always knew that children were a definite factor in my future. As I matured into a woman, my maternal instincts only became stronger. My partner was also quite family oriented and we were both happy that the other wanted kids.

After we were married and settled, I was ready for children. A year into the marriage itself we decided to start our family. We were both very excited and couldn’t wait to begin this new journey. A couple of months after trying, we still couldn’t conceive. We both just figured that these things sometimes take time and didn’t worry about it. However, after a year of trying when we couldn’t conceive we realised there may be a problem.

Yet, we decided to tackle any issues that may arise and booked an appointment with our respective doctors. I was told that I should have no problem in conceiving by my doctor much to my relief. However, my husband’s consultation was vastly different. The doctor told him that he had a low sperm count and low sperm motility which was hindering our ability to conceive. We weren’t too worried as the doctor also mentioned that male infertility is a fairly common problem and can be treated.

Hearing this we decided to find out male infertility treatment options and give them a try. However, what I heard was quite worrisome. The doctor spoke about several medicines and injections as well as their side effects. We also realised that the treatment may take a while and the expenditure was huge. Even though my husband was a little worried he thought of going ahead for the sake of our future family. As I wasn’t very comfortable, I told him to wait and think it over.

I spoke to a few people and even read about some of the medicines online. I was shocked to read the long list of side effects and the consequences it can have on the body in the long run. As much as I wanted to start my family, I refused to let my husband go for those medicines. And while I was convinced that we took the right step, the thought of never conceiving a child upset us both immensely.

Then one day as I was looking through some information on the internet, I came across an ayurvedic medicine for male infertility by the name of Addyzoa. The manufacturing company, Charak, claimed to use a mix of herbs and Ayurvedic supplements that were completely natural and helped restore male fertility. Intrigued I began reading about it and was excited to see it had no side effects and was non habit forming. After looking up the details, I spoke to my husband about it and he decided to give it a try.

I am happy to say that this natural supplement not only worked but also helped my husband in several ways. The stress of not having a child was affecting his mood and health. However, the mix of herbs in this tablet helped him alleviate stress and be calmer. In addition, after a couple of months of consuming this tablet, I was able to conceive. We both couldn’t believe it and were ecstatic. Further, my pregnancy term was quite healthy and I now have a beautiful baby girl!

So often it happens that the expense and harshness of modern medicine can prevent couples from experiencing the joys of married life. I decided to share my story today as I want every couple to know that infertility isn’t the end of the world. Male infertility is extremely common and can be rectified naturally. Herbal medicine to improve sperm motility like Addyzoa can do wonders for a couple planning their family like it did for my husband and me. And that too without any harmful side effects!

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