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Understanding Love And The Reality Of My Marriage Life

My husband and I got married when we were in our 20s. We hadn’t spent a lot of time together before we got married, but got along very well. He would always be nice to me and I loved him a lot.

As our comfort level with each other increased, we also started getting physically active. I was nervous but excited at the same time. Even though I wasn’t completely sure what to expect, after our first time, I knew I wasn’t happy. My husband climaxed soon after we started and I felt unsatisfied and a little sad. However, I wasn’t sure what to say and so just ignored the whole thing.

I could see that he wasn’t happy about it either and didn’t want to upset him further. I told myself that maybe it was nerves or something and didn’t pay much attention. However, the next few times were no different. He would always ejaculate prematurely and after he would climax, he would get awkward and we wouldn’t say anything. Also, I felt he was just as unsatisfied as I was which was also making him a bit irritable.

I was very hesitant and a little embarrassed but gathered my courage and spoke to him about this. I wanted to understand if something was upsetting him and if I could help. Yet, when I brought up this topic he became very awkward and upset. He didn’t say anything at first and then started to get irritable. I asked him if he would like to consult a doctor or someone professional but he completely refused.

Moreover, since then he became more withdrawn from me and stopped being physically intimate in any way. I was quite distressed as I loved him and didn’t know what to do. Things continued like this for a while and I felt our relationship worsen.

Since this is something so personal I wasn’t comfortable talking to anyone about it. Then one day I was with my best friend who is like a sister to me and couldn’t keep it in anymore. In strictest confidence, I told her I was worried my marriage is falling apart and that my husband didn’t want to be physically intimate anymore.

Seeing I was so upset, she instantly calmed me down and told me not to worry. She said that this happens to a lot of men and is completely normal. Further, treatment for this is quite easy and quick. On hearing this I told her that he had completely refused to speak to a doctor. Also, I didn’t want him to take any medicine that could have side effects or harm him in any manner.

As a firm believer in natural treatments, she completely understood my point of view. She then proceeded to tell me about a herbal medication for premature ejaculation- Neo that helps restore men’s sexual health and even curb premature ejaculation. Also as it was completely herbal and natural, it was safe for consumption without side effects.

I bought a bottle of these supplements and approached my husband. At first he was quite angry but then when he realised it was a natural remedy for premature ejaculation, he said he’ll give them a try. The distance in our relation was upsetting him as well and he saw this as a way to mend fences. He started taking the supplements regularly and I’m happy to say that it actually worked.

At first I began to notice slight changes in his behaviour. He became calmer and more relaxed. The stress of the recent times started to fade a little and he was more positive. The next time we had sex we were both apprehensive but he lasted much longer before climaxing. This boosted his self-confidence and relieved anxiety quite a bit. Soon we were able to be physically intimate again in a way that brought satisfaction to us both. Also, as it was herbal he didn’t get addicted to them or face any negative side effects. At present, I am happy to say that Neo saved my marriage. My husband and I are happy together and all the awkward tension that was there earlier is not there at all.

Premature ejaculation is a very common condition affecting most men. Simple things like stress can cause this. However, there is no cause for concern. With natural supplements like Neo, one does not have to worry about complicated treatments or multiple doctor visits. Instead, men can boost their reproductive health naturally and live a happy married life.

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