5 amazing benefits of stress relieving herbs

5 amazing benefits of stress relieving herbs

Sedentary lifestyle and faulty eating habits affects our health and leads to lot of disorders like heart problems, obesity, diabetes etc. Today anxiety and stress have also become common disorders of our lives. Work pressure, travel pressure, financial shortcomings, diseases etc all adds up to the stress levels and affects our health. Moreover, covid pandemic has added to these complications further increasing our anxiety and stress. It is necessary to take medications for stress and anxiety if it is affecting your personal and social life.
Although many medications are available in market most of them cannot be consumed for longer duration considering their side effects. Hence the demand for ayurvedic herbs for stress is increasing.  Certain herbs for stress prove to be the best and safe option to deal with stress without any side effects. Herbs for stress relief can be consumed for longer duration as well without any fear of harmful effects.

Let us understand how do stress relieving herbs help.

1. Act as adaptogens
Adaptogens are herbs that help us adapt to the stressors and keep our calm. They gradually improve our thinking capacity even while we are facing different stressors. They also help our mind and body to recover from the harmful effect of any stress that we have been exposed to.

2. Tonic for brain
Herbs for stress act as a tonic for brain and maintain mental health. These herbs act as neuroprotective and nourish the cells of brain and neurons. They also help to balance certain happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine which don’t let stress affect brain cells.

3. Improve sleep quality
Adequate amount of sleep is absolutely essential to rejuvenate the brain cells. Sleep allows our brain cells to rest and restore themselves for optimum performance and reduces stress and anxiety, most of the ayurvedic herbs for stress like jatamansi, ashwagandha also help to improve sleep

4. Have Antioxidant properties
Our brain cells get continuously attacked by free radicals and further cause fatigue. Herbs for stress also act as antioxidant and help to protect brain and neurons from free radicals. It helps to improve cognition and thinking process and also protects from other disorders.

5. Improve overall health and immunity

Ayurved believes that a healthy body and healthy mind are always inter connected. A person having good digestion, metabolism and is free from other disorders will always have healthy mind and hence stress and anxiety will not affect him. Ayurvedic herbs for stress also help to maintain general health and well-being. They also enhance our immunity to keep us protected and stay fit.

So now we know how do stress relieving herbs help and hence they are the best to rely upon for dealing with most of the mental conditions. Jatamansi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Tagar etc are the examples of few ayurvedic herbs for stress which work in similar way. You can check out for herbal products containing these herbs for stress relief. Sumenta is one such ayurvedic formulation which has all these herbs for stress and is also recommended by many ayurvedic physicians as it contains all the best ayurvedic herbs for stress in it.

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