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Best Natural Ways to Manage Hives

Is your skin prone to irritation? Does it develop an unnatural form of raised red itchy bumps? Have you ever wondered what this might be? Hives, medically termed as urticaria, is a form of skin reaction that develops on the extremely sensitive skin after contact with foreign substances. However, most of the time the reasons are unknown. Hives can appear anywhere on the body, may vary in size and result due to release of histamine, a chemical that makes blood vessels leak fluid into the layers of skin resulting in rashes, a common skin disorder.

Common triggers for frustrating skin rashes:

  • Pollen, insect bites
  • Certain medicines like penicillin, sulfa drugs, insulin, drugs to treat convulsions
  • Foods like shellfish, nuts, eggs, milk, etc
  • Exposure to shedding from animals, contaminated water
  • Extreme temperatures, excess sweat
  • Stress
  • Infections due to bacteria, virus, fungi or other microbes/parasites

Apart from these factors, hives may also result from autoimmune disorders, wherein body’s own defense mechanism works against the body. In addition, emotional and physical conditions also trigger the skin reactions. Hives are classified as acute and chronic, based on how long the allergic reaction lasts. Hives lasting for more than 6 weeks is chronic urticaria and may require deep evaluation and medications. Very few may develop a severe form of allergic reactions – angioedema – with swelling around eyes, lips, airway passage causing difficulty in breathing and may require urgent medical attention.

Ways to manage hives

Treatment starts with identifying and eliminating the trigger factors responsible for hives. Many conventional treatments are available that provide symptomatic relief in urticaria. Usually prescribed medicines are antihistamines to reduce skin rashes, itching and other symptoms. Add-on therapy with steroids to control inflammatory responses may help but leads to lots of side effects in the long run.

One has to become more cautious about the side effects and try best natural and safe approach to prevent and manage hives. Healthy food habits, proper and stress-free lifestyle are always the best approach to keep skin healthy and allergy free.

  1. Restore the functions of skin:

Keep a regular check on the food that may cause allergic reactions. Reduce exposure to preservatives, toxins, additives in your food and skin care products. Say no to cheese, fermented soy products and other fermented foods, alcoholic beverages, and vinegar. Avoid food allergens and everyday stressors that may aggravate skin conditions. This will help to bring relief from any chronic skin conditions.

  1. Follow simple home remedies

Apply adhd essential oil blend or coconut oil on the rashes to relieve itching and burning. Soothe the skin with Aloe vera gel that helps to prevent outbreaks. Essential oils of sesame, tulsi and neem leaves are effective in controlling hives by its antibacterial and antiinflammatory actions. Use mixture of turmeric and juice of tulsi leaves on the affected areas to have quick relief from skin rashes. Ginger works as a natural blood purifier and eliminates the itching sensation. It also has antiinflammatory properties that reduce the swelling caused by the hives.

  1. Limit Scratching Damage

Excess scratching will only worsen the skin condition and increase the chances of other skin infection. This can occur due to the presence of germ in the nail bed.

  1. Moisturize the skin

Apply non-irritating emollients and moisturizers to lock the moisture in the skin and to make the skin less itchy. Creams or lotion with herbal ingredients like Calendula, menthol, etc will help to soothe skin. Take help of herbal Urtiplex anti-itch lotion to relieve itching, redness and inflammation. Potent ingredients Aloe gel, Kokum butter, Calendula oil are known for their skin soothing, antiinflammatory and antioxidant activity. Menthol and Aloe gel in Urtiplex anti-itch lotion reduces the flare-ups and itching due to its cooling and antiseptic properties.

  1. Rescue on with Urtiplex– Use Urtiplex capsules, one of the best supplements for skin, to effectively control hives without causing side effects. Urtiplex capsule is a combination of Manjishta, Haridra, Amalaki that are astringent and antiinflammatory. Yastimadhu works as an antihistaminic to help shrink blood vessels to alleviate symptoms such as itching, redness, and bumps on the skin. Amalaki protects skin against allergies due to its antioxidant property. Shunthi and Jatamansi help to soothe skin rashes & hives and control stress associated with skin disorders.

In case of acute skin rashes, one may follow easy tips as mentioned below –

  • Apply cold compresses or ice on inflamed skin
  • Make a smooth paste of grinded oats, apply it on the red bumps to relieve itching
  • Wear loose fitting clothing
  • Avoid hot water showers
  • Avoid direct sunlight and excessive sweating
  • Relax and reduce your stresslevels

To further get guidance and consultation on the complete course of best supplements for skin, email Dr. Charak at [email protected]. Hives are not that painful, these tips can help you relieve hives in a timely manner.

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